Gler í Bergvík


Gler í Bergvík studio, Víkurgrund 10, Kjalarnes

Gler i Bergvík was the first hot-glass workshop in Iceland. It was established in 1982 by Sigrún Ó. Einarsdóttur and Søren S. Larsen, and run by Sigrun since 2003. The glassworks are designed by Sigrun and created with assistance from glassblowers from various parts of the world. Beside mastering the ancient art of glassblowing Sigrun incorporates various new techniques in her glass works. She makes functional items and one-off artistic pieces and she also undertakes special designs for companies and organizations. Since 2002 she has co-operated with Ólöf Einarsdóttir textile artist, where they incorporate fibers in the glass. Sigrun’s works have been shown in private exhibitions in Iceland and abroad. Her works are to be found in several museums worldwide and they have been featured in internationally recognized books and journals. Gler í Bergvík Gallery receives visitors by appointment.

Gler í Bergvík studio, Víkurgrund 10, Kjalarnes, 116 Reykjavik, ICELAND
phone: +354 566 7067 & +699 2681
e-mail :